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French Canvas
What Our Customers Say About French Canvas
Susan Tobey White

I have been using canvasses from French Canvas for several years now and have always been pleased with the service they provide. When I call I talk to a real person and feel that they do what they can to accommodate what I need. Most important their product is good!

Linda Blondheim,

I have been using the French Canvas Gotrick Gallery and Pre-Stretched Heavy Duty canvas for several months. They are of excellent quality and Rob has been very easy to work with. French Canvas is generous in their support of artists, and I recommend them to any artist who paints on canvas. Their response to requests is immediate and their shipping is reliable.

French Canvas is far superior to any comparable product on the market.  The frames are easy to assemble and more importantly strong.  Even more importantly is the surface of the canvas and linen.  I particularly like the primed linen which requires no sanding or other coating to attain a perfectly smooth surface.

Kip Herring,

I'm excited to find a brand of canvas which is truly quality oriented. I was sold once I saw and handled one, before I knew the cost. When I learned that they were even less than the discount art supply store, I began to spread the word. Great product !

Lynn Curlee,

I have been a professional artist for 30 years now, and for most of that time I built, stretched, and prepared my own canvases. French Canvas has prepared canvases far superior to any others that I have ever seen. Beefy frames, taut stretching, carefully folded corners - I can't make them any better than these.

Amy Steinberg ,

I found French Canvas when I had a need for an unusual size canvas. I discovered that French Canvas is not only a quality product, but their Customer Support is the best in the business. I would recommend French Canvas to any artist looking for quality products and customer service.

Ana Vizcarra ,

from a monet bridge"  60"x76"

French Canvas surpasses all other suppliers in product quality, customer service and price.  Their heavy duty stretchers are lightweight and strong, never warped and with well tooled ends that join seamlessly and firmly.  After years of battling with stretchers that warp, do not join smoothly or develop cracks due to improver drying, i'm delighted to no longer worry and just place my order and have it invariably be flawlessly filled.  French Canvas has greatly simplified my canvas preparation routine and i look forward to many more large paintings that use their products as their foundation.

French Canvas came through when I needed a large order of canvases. They were very prompt and cordial and made me feel like I was their number one customer. They were also very accommodating with any requests that I had. And ofcourse the product is great. Thanks for all of your help!

Ofelia Gonzalez

I have been a customer of French Canvas for a few years now.  I use the Pre-Strecthed Heavy Duty Canvases, which they are of excellent quality and price.  The customer service is outstanding, Rob is a very professional person, his support makes me feel like their number one customer and to me it is like being part of that great big family.  I recommend them to any artist who paints on canvas.  Thank you for your pacience and all of your help always!